Jo de Souza

My origins were not very musical, but I was born with a musician's soul, with a musical perception of things.

I come from the countryside of São Paulo State (Araraquara), and practiced this natural musicality in the slow and easy time that country folks have available to them. There was time to listen to music with my first musician friends and to slowly learn to like jazz, letting the sounds of Coltrane, George Adams, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis enter my soul along with Orlando Silva (who my father adored), Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento and so many others.

The piano arrived in my house when I was two years old, thus my first memory of the instrument is of an enchantment that has lasted until today. My first music lessons were at the age of 7 with Miss Verinha and after I entered the Conservatório Musical Maestro José Tescari, in Araraquara, where I completed a nine-year course. By this time music was already the most important thing in my life and all I wanted was to be a singer. Before the end of high school I would come to São Paulo once a week for classes in vocal technique with tenor Luiz Tenaglia. I participated in various festivals in the countryside, always singing.

When it was time for college I longed to be around more people and in different situations. I set aside the piano and went to the city of São Paulo to study cinema at FAAP, but singing was always in the back of my mind. I had other voice teachers: Nancy Miranda and Madalena Bernardes. At the end of college I started working as a vocalist. Since then I have sung with a Spanish singer (Manolo Otero), Sertanejo singers (Leandro and Leonardo), singers of samba, rock, funk, soul and so on.

When the piano began to call me back, I had classes in piano and harmony with my beloved teacher Gogô, who introduced me to a harmonic universe, and classes with Armando Ferrante who gave me tons of homework to improve my piano skills.

Today I think that mixing all this together resulted in a great interest in the sung word and in the importance of the spoken word and how it is presented. From cinema I have brought a concern for story-telling.

With Tuco, already it has been quite a while, I keep building our musical history, mingling our influences, looking for fulfillment in all, and finding our complements in one another - and I am fire and earth, he is air and water, so I rise up and he spreads.

Together we have a beautiful son named Tom, Tom de Souza Freire.

Records and CDs

Paulo Freire - Nuá

Roberto Freire - Vida de Artista

Mecânica dos Solos - Vida Inteligente

Jo&Tuco - Você e Eu and Um Silêncio