Tuco Freire

My full name is Pedro de Oliveira Freire. I was born in Rio de Janeiro on October 14, 1954 and at 2 years old we moved to São Paulo.

I was raised in the Perdizes district, went to elementary school at Externato Assis Pacheco, middle and high school at Santa Cruz, Vocacional L.A. Machado and Indac.

I always loved to draw and at 14 started to work as an art assistant at A&C Editora, publisher of the magazines Bondinho, Brilo and Novidades Fotoptica. During this time my brother Paulo and I studied classic guitar with Antero Martins.

At 20 I left design and decided to study music and double bass. I started studying theory and harmony with Maximo Ribeiro Sanches, and played electric bass in a rock trio with Marcelo Munari and Juca Martins Ferreira. Later I bought a very beat up Czech acoustic bass. The luthier Enzo Bertelli fixed it up. In later years two American luthiers worked on it and then Paulo Gomes here in São Paulo. Both the electric bass (a Fender Precision ´67, a present from my father when I played with the rock trio) and the refurbished acoustic are my instruments until today.

Next I studied double bass with Luiz Chaves at C.L.A.M. (São Paulo). A great period, it was the beginning of the school as well.

In 1977 I went to Boston to study at the New England Conservatory where I was very well received by Ran Blake and his Third Stream Department. In ´78 I transferred to Berklee College of Music where I studied for four semesters.

Returning to Brazil at the end of '79 I participated in a super exciting period for instrumental music in São Paulo. I played and recorded with Pé ante Pé, Bocato, Benjamin Taubkin, and many others. We played at Lira Paulistana, MASP, MIS, and Centro Cultural Vergueiro.

In ´81 my daughter Alice was born.

At the end of the ´80s and beginning of the ´90s I accompanied a number of national and international musicians doing shows throughout Brazil. During that time I also worked making sound tracks for advertising. I did many sound tracks for commercials and industries, spots, vignettes, etc.

After this period I played with the band Lagoa 66 and later with Unidade Bop. This is the time when I met Jo. We always went to Sanja, Aeroanta, Vou Vivendo, and Bar Avenida to play or hear the music of our friends. We started to develop our own musical work forming a group with Jarbas Barbosa, Marcelo Maita, Gigante Brasil and later, Edu Vianna.

One year later Jo and I formed a duo and began to prepare our first CD "Você e Eu". When we entered the studio Jo was seven months pregnant and our son Tom was born in January of 1998. Our CD Você e Eu (You and I), was finalized and released in 2000. It was released in Japan, in 2005.

In partnership with my brother, Paulo Freire (Brazilian 10 strings guitar player), I've produced a CD by our father entitled Vida de Artista that was released in February of 2005.

In 2006 I've produced a CD by Claudio Celso (guitar player) entitled Swell.

In 2010 I've recorded a new CD with Jo entitled Um Silêncio.

Most recently, besides my work with Jo, I've been producing CDs and playing with my brother, Paulo Freire, Carlos Careqa, Paulo Bira, Natália Barros, Solange Sá, and others.

Records and CDs

Pé ante Pé - the first album.

Bocato - Lixo Atômico, Sonho de um Anarquista e Conserto para um Trombone Quebrado.

Benjamim Taubkin - Piano ao cair da tarde.

Paulo Freire - Rio Abaixo, São Gonçalo, Vai Ouvindo, Brincadeira de Viola,Redemoinho e Nuá.

Unidade Bop - Quebrando o Gelo do Clube.

Zézinho Mutarelli and Gilles Eduar - Músicas Daqui, Ritmos do Mundo.

Cláudio Celso - Brasilian Jazz e Swell.

Edu Vianna - Jaguar.

Fábio Tagliaferri - Viola.

Roberto Freire - Vida de Artista.

Jo&Tuco - Você e Eu and Um Silêncio.